Ultigrip Hand Exercisersת Frame with Set of 3 Inserts 2568703B

Design provides correct finger placement with support, comfort and added control. The ergonomic palm bar design correctly places and locks device in your hand, distributes pressure evenly and prevents thumb movement due to centrally located notch which assist with 2 Point Pinch, 3 Point Pinch and Finger Tip Flexion exercises. The quality of the stoppers and the precise spacing between each setting identified by the numbers 1 to 8 on the frame enables you to easily set and record range of motion. Stoppers are spring loaded, easy to use, and cannot be lost or misplaced. The hand exerciser with four independent rollers automatically adjusts for the size of the hand and position of the fingers during exercise. The exerciser with the pinch bar allows a whole range of new exercises for this type of device. The hand exerciser with the foam roller helps Gross Grasp exercises be performed more effectively by allowing the hand to squeeze into a tight fist comfortably. Includes exercise booklet and latex free bands.

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