My product has arrived broken. What do I do?  If you suspect that the product you ordered from us is damaged, please do not accept delivery. Ask the driver/postman that it be returned to sender by crossing out your delivery address and writing, in big letters, (Return To Sender). Notify us of what's happened and we will take care of the rest by holding an investigation and if needed having a replacement product sent out to you once the damaged product is received by us. If, on the other hand, you accepted delivery and discovered your product to be broken much later, don't stress. The first thing to do is to notify us about the problem, we will provide you with a special number called a Return Merchandise Authority (RMA) number and further instructions. Repack the damaged product, in its original packaging, together with the original documentation and everything else that came with it and return it back to us using the address we will give you. A replacement product will be sent to you once the damaged toy is received,checked by us and replacemnt is approved.



I bought the wrong product. What do I do? It is important that when selecting the product you want that you do so carefully.  We cannot be held responsible if you make a wrong selection or change your mind. If you are unsure about anything, we are here to help. Yes you can. In addition to credit cards, we also accept bank cheques, personal cheques, and money orders. But please keep in mind that no orders will be despatched until cheque payments have been cleared by the bank. Cheques normally take around 5-7 working days to clear. Please contact us as there may be additonal/different processing fees applied.


I am looking for a service provider, how does it work? You choose the service provider based on his inforamtion, pay the fee and we will connect you with the proffesional for service. Fee's offered by us will normaly be more compettive than what will be charged if you attempt direct contact.


I would like to have more information about a service provider and may have some questions about the service, What do I do? Please contact us through our feeback form with your questions and information needed. We will communicate with you directly by email to provide information.

I have a used product I want to sell how does that work? Simply contact us with your product details, photo and your sell price and we will direct you from there. Shipping to buyer will be your responsibility


I am interested in a used product listed how to buy? You order from us same as you order any other product. Details are in teh produt information. Product is bought as is and we can not guarantee the details. All further order processing such as shipping, returns act., will be with the seller. This is only a service we provide to our clients.


I am interested to sell my own line of products/services through your company, is that possible? Yes; absolutely. We require the products/services to meet our clients needs and be reasonably priced with decent post sale service. Please contact us through our feedback form with details and we will communicate with you directly by email.